Come to Join with CBCGDF and Chinese Artists/Celebrities Jiang Qinin, Mao Ning, Wang Dongcheng, Zhu Yidan… to Write a Poem for the Ocean on This World Oceans Day
2020/6/10 14:21:00 本站

To commemorate the 2020 World Oceans Day, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and one of the top China's search engines Baidu's new media platform Baijiahao, Better Blue, IUCN-WCPA/CCSG/Marine Connectivity Working Group, jointly launched a large-scale virtual campaign “Write a Poem For the Ocean", calling for the protection of the ocean-the common home of mankind. The campaign's partners included Green Ribbon, a joint initiative by CBCGDF et al. supports Europe during the pandemic and CBCGDF Community Conservation Area (CCAfa).


Everyone has an ocean in their hearts: the endless, deep blue.


"Writing a poem for the ocean" is a fusion of different ages, experiences, emotions, and feelings, all of which are intertwined with the ocean and merged into a blue, generating infinite resonance and echo.


The content and form of this large-scale online public welfare campaign are eclectic: everyone is invited to "Facing the sea, spring blossoms", with the ocean as the object and the ocean as the carrier, open their hearts and express their feeling directly. The format of "poetry" is not fixed, and it can even be lyrics.


The event invited a group of well-known artists and celebrities in China and the world to serve as "image ambassadors" to protect the ocean, to speak together for the ocean, and to confess to the ocean. These celebrities include Jiang Qinin, Mao Ning, Wang Dongcheng, Zhu Yidan, Chen Qiufan, Zhang Chao, Li Ze, Bai Zhongde, etc.


CBCGDF is committed to carrying out all-round scientific popularization and publicity activities of biodiversity in the world, aiming to emphasize the importance of biodiversity protection, and hopes that these well-known people will play a leading role and let more people join various public welfare activities.

Jiang Qinqin (actress)

Mao Ning (singer)

Wang Dongcheng (actor, singer, host, model)

Zhu Yidan (short video producer)

Chen Qiufan (famous columnist)

Zhang Chao (actor, singer)

Li Ze (actor)

Bai Zhongde (famous writer)

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By / Maggie, Mingmei