The 5.22 Biodiversity Month Has Launched! CBCGDF Social Media Platforms and Chinese Celebrities, Pop Stars Invite You to Join the “Earth Support Team”
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2020 is the Biodiversity Super Year. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) unites multiple media, social media and new media platforms to launch a series activities/campaigns during the entire “Biodiversity Month” from May 17 to June 22, we must unite and let us join together as the “Earth Support Team” to “confess to our mother earth” and contribute to the protection of her.


Protection is not a matter for one person, everyone can participate in the protection of the earth. In Biodiversity Month, we invited Tu Men, Xing Jiadong, Wang Xuebing, etc. these representative Chinese actors and artists, to join the Earth Support Team together with stars, scientists, artists, industry leaders… to protect the earth together!


CBCGDF has been committed to carrying out a full range of popular science and publicity activities around biodiversity and sustainable development at home and abroad, aiming to emphasize the importance of biodiversity protection, and hopes to play a leading role by gathering the influence of well-known people to allow more people to join the Earth Support Team. Here are a few representative celebrity guests from China who were invited to join the Earth Support Group.


In this unique Biodiversity Month, CBCGDF will work with many celebrities, artists, and other influential people to join with you to listen to the wonderful sounds of Western Black Crested Gibbons at Wuliang Mountains in Yunnan Province, to get close and interact with waterfowls at Tangshan in Hebei Province, to enter the enigma world of microbes, to appreciate the style of sand martins in Zhengzhou, Henan Provine ... Not only enjoy the amazing scenes in many different places, but also increase a lot of novel knowledge about this world and appreciate the beauty of the earth.


Come join the Earth Support Team and protect the earth with us! Welcome to contact Ms. Wenwen 18613800594 (WeChat same number), the contact person of CBCGDF, the organizer of the Earth Support Group, to register for the activities/campaigns.

Mr. Tu Men

Chinese film/television actor, director

Mr. Xing Jiadong

Chinese film/television, stage actor

Mr. Wang Xuebing

Acclaimed Chinese actor

Ms. Yu Shasha

Chinese film actress and host

Ms. Lou Yixiao

Chinese actress, singer

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