The GBIF Data Entry Results Conference Organized by CBCGDF Attracted Strong Response and was Widely Reported by Many Well-known Medias
2018/7/29 19:53:00 本站

Since CBCGDF recently organized a jointly celebration conference for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)’s records’ surpassing the one billion milestone mark (GBIF1billion), and the successful entry of the data of the most representative endangered species in China (Baiji dolphin, Chinese pangolin, great bustard), a number of domestic and foreign medias have covered multi-angle reports on this historically significant event.

at the conference.jpg

At the conference, the second from left is Donald Hobern, the Executive Secretary of GBIF, and the first from right is Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the SG of CBCGDF (Photo: CBCGDF)

Conference site (Photo CBCGDF).jpg

Conference site (Photo: CBCGDF)

Recently, a report published in China Environment News entitled “Global Biodiversity Information Facility Data Breakthrough of 1 Billion – Chinese Pangolin, Baiji Dolphin, and Great Bustard Data Got Entry” was published in the section “Beautiful China” of the newspaper (see details

media report screenshot (Photo China Environment News).png

Media report screenshot (Photo: China Environment News)


The report published in the Gongyi Shibao uses the title “Global Biodiversity Information Facility to Break Through 1 Billion, CBCGDF’s Chinese Pangolin, Baiji Dolphin, and Great Bustard Data Got Entry” (see details

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Media report screenshot (Photo: Gongyi Shibao)


The Paper made a reprint report titled “Milestone: CBCGDF Becomes the Official Data Publisher of GBIF” in the first time, and started with “Good news: CBCGDF has been officially accepted by GBIF as its data publisher” lead the full text (see details


Hong Kong’s JDONLINE published the news that “Global Biodiversity Information Facility Data Breaks Through 1 Billion, Chinese Pangolin, Baiji Dolphin, and Great Bustard Data Got Entry” (see details


At the same time, published two related reports in both Chinese and English, “Global Biodiversity Information Facility Exceeded 1 Billion, CBCGDF’s Data Got Entry” and “Chinese NGO Contributes Biodiversity Data to Global Platform” (see details and

media report screenshot (Photo China org cn).png

Media report screenshot (Photo:


On this historic event, CBCGDF’s colleagues published a series of Chinese texts to record, motivate and precipitate, in order to further carry out the data entry work on GBIF platform. The international colleague of CBCGDF also published a rich and full-length text “Sharing Data with the World: the ‘1 Billion Data’ Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)” on the official English website of CBCGDF to record (see details


At the historic moment, CBCGDF will mobilize more civil power and resources to engage more “citizen scientists” in biodiversity observations and data records. At the same time, we must ensure that the primary task is not only to provide more and better data, but also to fill the gap and contribute to the practical creation of "a community of shared future for mankind".

Data entry of the Chinese pangolin Qiqi and projects involved Citizen Scientist (Photo CBCGDF).jpg

Data entry of the Chinese pangolin “Qiqi” and projects involved “Citizen Scientists” (Photo: CBCGDF)


GBIF fixed its homepage as "Qiqi" to congratulate CBCGDF on the successful entry of Chinese pangolin data (Photo: