Listen to Dr. Jane Goodall Answer the Key Questions of Our Time |GIFT.ed’s Why Act Now: The World in 2050
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GIFT’s digital learning branch GIFT.ed, has recently had the privilege of interviewing four global experts to find answers to some of the critical questions of our time. These range from understanding what balanced development is and what geopolitics for equality looks like, to questions about purpose beyond profit, and recalibrating our relationship with the environment. The insights shared by these speakers are being premiered on 27th July in a free-to-access video production entitled Why Act Now: The World in 2050. The speakers are as follows:

·  Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE: World-leading ethologist and environmentalist

· Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: World-renowned economist, and leader in sustainable development

·  Monsignor Prof. Obiora Ike: Distinguished academic and expert in societal transformation

·  Dr. Brian Wong: Geopolitical strategist and political philosopher.

Source: GIFT.ed

The ideas shared by these speakers are powerful and insightful in helping us to understand the troubled state of the world – including where it is headed.

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