Global Footprint Network Updates Population Footprint Calculator | CBCGDF Invited to Edit Chinese Subtitles
2022/12/29 14:42:00 本站

Recently, the International Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited by Michelle Shaffer, Digital Engagement Associate of the Global Footprint Network, to edit Chinese subtitles for its new program interface - Population Footprint Calculator. Global Footprint Network is updating the Population Footprint Calculator and related videos. CBCGDF will share the general content as follows.


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72% of the world population live in countries with an ecological deficit (which cannot be forever) and with less than world average income (meaning they cannot outcompete others on the global resource market).This is a very delicate position.

Smaller populations will make it much easier to make our demand on nature fit within the means of our planet. This also means leaving enough space for wild species so biodiversity does not decline. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, this is pro-human. Because it allows all people to thrive, for many generations. Why gobble up everything now?

Population sizes are not a given. Positive, choice-based ways that empower people are the most effective way to shift trajectories. Would you not want these options anyhow? They include ending poverty, education for all, voluntary affordable and accessible contraception, and equal rights with no gender bias.  Particularly, young girls and women will do much better. The impacts are felt even more among low-income communities.

I believe in smaller families, and women having choices. What about you? Still here? Are you overwhelmed? Don't be; if you are wondering what to do, why not head over to our page on the population dimension after the quiz and learn more? Thank you and see you there. 

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