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Mr. Bozhero said: Last October,he was deeply moved and inspired by the speech made by Chinese leaders at Leadership Summit of CBD COP15. He hopes to respond from his own perspective to the call of Chinese leaders "Support the cause of biodiversity conservation in developing countries, China calls on and welcomes all parties to contribute to the fund", and make a modest contribution with his own strength and support.


Mr. Bozhero, known as "Lao Bo", is a famous Swiss biologist and once served as counsellor for environmental, economic and scientific cooperation of the Swiss Embassy in China. In 2003, he came to Xishuangbanna and used his knowledge as a biologist to change the appearance of Yourantai rubber forest and make it a tropical rain forest with rich biodiversity. Lao Bo has been committed to the ecological environment protection of Xishuangbanna and has made continuous efforts in the restoration of the ecological environment. Previously, he won the "nest Award" and bonus from CBCGDF for his achievements in "Xinlonglin", which shows the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in the era of ecological civilization and embodies the restoration and resilience of ecological civilization in the new era.


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