The Future of Deforestation Prohibition | CBCGDF Representative Interview with SCMP
2021/12/1 16:37:00 本站

In the past few days, South China Morning Post has noticed an article written by International Cooperation Department that the prohibition on deforestation is the open sesame to restraining climate change. The interviewer mentioned that UNFCCC this proposal significantly reflected an irreplaceable process to stop the disappearance of forest and land deterioration.

Zhang Daqian, leader of CBCGDF Climate Change Working Group, briefly introduced our promise about the prohibition of deforestation of this time, which mainly includes the implication of this prescription and practical implementations of decarbonizing.

Later, when being asked by reporters about China’s undertakings, Daqian said that, “In the face of multiple kinds of pressures from western media and nations, we should stick to our goals even more firmly; any endeavors exerted for climate change are done by our own wills rather than undeserved requirements from the western world. We nevertheless consider both China’s sustainable development and global responsibilities for building the human community with a shared future.

As for the deforestation issues as well as financial support for the same kind, Daqian expressed confidence in crystallizing financing in climate change and design practical plans on carbon offsets, as well as emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary discussions for new breakthroughs.

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