ZHOU Jinfeng: Using the Concept of Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON) to Build Elephant Park
2021/6/16 13:53:00 本站

Moderate Intervention for Elephants

Will feeding elephants on the way make elephants dependent and reluctant to return to the tropical rain forest? Zhou Jinfeng said that it is possible that the elephants might become dependent. If it is a scientific and correct method, it is ok for us to help the elephants but only moderately.


To build elephant park using the concept of BCON

It is worth noting that there are still a number of elephants heading south during the same period, so returning may not be the first option. Considering genetic diversity, species diversity, and habitat diversity, the best solution is to help them resettle in new habitats. At the same time, ecological corridors should be built to expand their natural habitat. There is a similar practice in the world, and a proper demarcation of space can avoid conflicts between men and elephants. However, we believe that it is feasible to build an elephant national park in Yunnan based on the concept of Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON), that is, to expand the protected area designated by the government to the surrounding areas. This can not only make greater contribution to the whole ecosystem, but also ensure the safety and normal life of local residents.

We suggest that it is better to integrate the existing national reserves, provincial reserves and municipal reserves around Yunnan into a large national park system and build corridors between them, so that elephants can migrate between regions. At the same time, establish an area suitable for biodiversity conservation in the human residential area. For example, CBCGDF volunteers from Hubei Province have found that local lotus farmers collected lotus roots and dried them for a few days, and then many birds flew in to forage in the fields, laid eggs and even hatched in their nests, which did not affect their planting and production. Local lotus farmers don't use pesticides to sterilize and clear ponds. They use the sun to disinfect and protect local biodiversity. The same is true for elephants. Establishing neighborhood biodiversity reserve in national parks not only protects human habitat, but also achieves the goal of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Before this elephant incident, there were actually many cases of animals leaving the habitat. In this regard, CBCGDF established the China Protected Land System several years ago. At present, more than 70 protected areas have been established nationwide, providing rich experience in biodiversity conservation. As for elephant migration, China's approach is highly praised by the international community. Many international experts and institutions are willing to offer their support and help. CBCGDF is also actively seeking the support around the world, and push forward the construction of ecological civilization to achieve positive results.

At present, we are in a new period of implementing the idea of ecological civilization. We should continue to advocate the construction of ecological civilization. Through scientific and systematic management, we are confident to handle this problem in the most satisfactory way.





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