Sustainable Development Starts from We: Carry on and Go Out | The Representatives from Crossboundaries and Circle Economy in Holland Visited CBCGDF
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In the morning of August 28th, Natalie, the representative from Crossboundaries, and John, the representative from Circle Economy in Holland visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), and the two sides exchanged topics on the 4th Beijing International Walking Forum and Green Meeting Index (GMI). Relevant personnel from the Beijing Walking Association also joined the meeting online.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF, briefed the background and significance of the Beijing International Waking Forum. As a support unit for the forum, CBCGDF hopes to spare no effort to support this event to be held successfully, and stressed that this is a very meaningful platform to promote the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the whole people go out to participate in walking and low-carbon environmental protection. Regarding the concept and significance of the forum, the two sides reached a consensus: in the era of Internet and smart products, the surge of electronic products has an impact on people's behaviors.


As people indulge in more and more time in electronic products, there are fewer opportunities to communicate with people in reality. By taking the opportunity to hike outdoors, it is precisely to encourage everyone to take action. Going outdoors is also an opportunity to promote face-to-face contact with others. This is a good thing for both body and mind; this is obviously also changing the way you behave in a subtle way. To make life habits more sustainable.


Natalie mentioned that because the forum is a limitation caused by the form of the meeting, it is inconvenient for the participants to move. It is suggested that participants may wish to do some simple relaxation and warm-up exercises in the seat during the meeting. Busy office workers in the city can also participate in sports and fitness. Dr. Zhou agrees with this. He believes that the public in different industries and from all walks of life can be encouraged to participate in the hiking campaign in the future. “Sustainable development begins with personal gains, and personal gains come from everyday sports, fitness, and physical and mental activities.”


At the same time, Natalie also introduced to Dr. Zhou a famous event "Summer Social" held every summer by Crossboundaries. Through “Summer Social”, Crossboundaries invites people from different industries to rediscover inner selves by way of interactive activities, to find inspiration, purpose-designed for spontaneous sharing of ideas for the benefit of shared and collective practice. This year's theme is centered on sustainability. It aims to change people's behaviors from the inside out, and then from individual enlargement to collective, to promote the concept of sustainable development.


At the end of the discussion on sustainable development issues, Dr. Zhou introduced the Green Meeting Index (GMI) developed by CBCGDF. The index aims to motivate and promote the sustainable transformation of events such as conferences and conventions and promotes the concept of ecological civilization and sustainability by starting from the details and starting from eache event. Natalie and John were very interested in this and made their own suggestions, including the ideas of meeting and organizing events that can be recycled, providing innovative and organic meeting and dining materials, and they expressed the hope that they will be able to continue the discussion with CBCGDF and together to expand publicity and promotion.

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