Research Experts Discussed the Ecological Restoration and then Went to Minqin County on the Fourth Day | CBCGDF 2023 Arid Area Biodiversity Investigation
2023/7/28 15:55:00 本站

July 26, 2023, in the morning of the fourth day of research. CBCGDF's arid area biodiversity research experts conducted an in-depth and fruitful discussion on the ecological restoration of water and soil erosion in Bayannur.



In the afternoon, researchers drove from Bayannur to Minqin County, Gansu Province, more than 600 kilometers away. Along the way, the research experts found that the land vegetation had changed significantly: from a forest farm to a grassland, and then slowly to a desert with bare loess. Surface vegetation gradually became sparse, which may be caused by many factors such as drought and salinization.


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