How to solve the problem of excessive packaging for takeaway?
2023/7/26 17:00:00 本站

Recently, Ma Yong, deputy secretary-general of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, said in an interview with reporters about the issue of takeaway packaging that the key step in reducing plastic pollution is to reduce the amount at the source. If source reduction cannot be achieved, then intermediate control and terminal governance will be very passive.


The CBCGDF has been paying attention to plastic pollution for a long time, including advocating and appealing for the reduction of takeaway packaging, and even taking some legal actions to promote it. Therefore, we have been advocating that the food delivery platforms should take the lead in taking action, because they have a greater voice over merchants and are more competent in decision-making. We hope that through this effort, we can simplify the packaging of food delivery and minimize the generation of plastic pollution. ??The country is also gradually introducing some governance measures, especially for disposable plastic products, which are gradually being included in the agenda. ??


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