Zhou Jinfeng Is Invited to be the Jury Co-President for the 2023 Odyssy Sustainable Corporate Culture Film Awards
2023/7/20 16:41:00 本站

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) is invited to be the Jury Co-President for the 2023 Odyssy Sustainable Corporate Culture Film Awards.

Source:UK-China Film Collab

Odyssey is currently the biggest Chinese film festival in Europe, organized by UK-China Film Collab (UCFC). The theme for the 2023 Odyssey is “Global Sustainable Development”. Odyssey’s “Sustainable Corporate Culture Film Awards” is the world’s first and only international film award for Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises, focusing on Chinese enterprises, sustainable business, and corporate culture. Coordinate the United Kingdom to build a unique bridge of cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the international community, and jointly awaken and promote the value consensus and practice of global sustainable development. In the face of the 17 goals of the United Nations, it is expected that film and business can work together to make sustainable development the main theme of the public.

After two rounds of judging, a total of 14 films have been selected for the final judging list. At 20pm on July 21, 2023, the international jury will judge these films, and select the final winners. The award ceremony will be held in Cambridge, England, in August.

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