CBCGDF Was Invited to Guide the 2023 National Educational Support and Practice Aid to Agriculture Public Welfare Plan
2023/5/18 16:50:00 本站

In May 2023, at the invitation of the Rural Revitalization Working Committee of the Chinese Society for Futures Studies, Yanyuan Vocational Education Research Institute and other institutions, CBCGDF agreed to guide the “Hello, Countryside national education support and practice agricultural public welfare plan, and jointly promote the development of activities of public welfare.


The countryside is a regional complex with natural, social, and economic characteristics, and has multiple functions such as production, life, ecology, and culture. It promotes and coexists with towns and cities, and together constitutes the main space for human activities. Comprehensively promoting rural revitalization is an important task of building a strong agricultural country in the new era. In order to better promote the in-depth participation of young college students in the revitalization of rural talents and industries, Yanyuan Vocational Education Research Institute decided to launch the Hello, Countryside” education support and practice agricultural public welfare plan.


It is understood that the event will be officially launched in mid-July 2023. According to the organizer of the event, throughout the event, 1,000 outstanding young college students will be recruited and selected from colleges and universities across the country, 100 rural education support and practical agricultural assistance teams will be formed, and they will be sent to 100 towns and villages in China to carry out summer camps for rural primary and middle school students. They will comprehensively influence more than 10,000 rural primary and middle school students from the aspects of knowledge vision, educational quality, and economic assistance to farmers, and drive the production and sales of more than 100 rural high-quality products.


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