ZHANG Zuoshuang Honored as "2023 Green China Tour Ambassador" at 2023 World Rose Expo in Nanyang
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The 4th Vice Chairman of CBCGDF, Zhang Zuoshuang, was recently honored with the title of “2023 Green China Tour Ambassador”. This award was given in the lead-up to the 2023 World Rose Expo, which is held in Nanyang, Henan Province.

The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has been committed to the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity for a long time. The “Green China Tour – Enter Beautiful Nanyang and the 1st World Rose Expo 2023” recently kicked off in Nanyang, Henan Province, and will run until May 8th. The local community has organized a variety of cultural and artistic performances to promote ecological civilization and spread the message of green development. Zhang Zuoshuang, the 4th Vice Chairman of CBCGDF and Chairman of the China Flower Association’s Rose Branch, attended the event and was awarded the title of “2023 Green China Tour Ambassador.”

The World Rose Expo is the highest-level professional event in the world of roses and is held every three years. In November 2022, the 19th World Rose Expo was held in Adelaide, Australia, and Zhang Zuoshuang, as the leader of the Chinese delegation, promoted Nanyang’s bid to host the 21st World Rose Expo in 2028. At the conference, the World Federation of Rose Societies announced that Nanyang had successfully won the bid to host the 21st World Rose Expo in 2028.

China is the birthplace of roses, and according to statistics, over 80 cities in China have chosen it as their city flower, demonstrating the Chinese people’s love for roses. Nanyang, located in Henan Province, is the main production area for roses in China and has an inseparable relationship with roses. It is also known as the “hometown of roses” and has made important contributions to the global rose industry. Therefore, hosting the World Rose Expo in Nanyang will not only provide an opportunity to revisit China’s more than 1000 years of rose planting history, but also to deeply appreciate the cultural significance of Chinese roses and their important role in the global rose industry.

Zhang Zuoshuang was also invited to participate in a media interview program called “Ten Green China Experts Talk About Changes on the Two Mountains Road”. During this interview, he discussed how to promote ecological construction and high-quality development in Nanyang, in light of the upcoming 2023 World Rose Expo.

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