The Views to Long-term Strategic Approach to Mainstreaming Biodiversity within and across Sector from CBCGDF
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1.1 There is a significant problem in the action plan, which is the neglect of effective measures for biodiversity conservation that do not require additional funding, as well as the neglect of "Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhoods".In our research and tracking over the past decade, we have found that Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhoods (BCON) is a very effective method that encourages people to protect biodiversity and reduce biodiversity destruction in their daily production and life.


1.2 It is suggested to include "reducing Biodiversity Footprint" in the document. Biodiversity conservation requires measurable tools that can be used by the general public to take action. One of the main reasons why the Aichi Targets failed is that biodiversity conservation was often associated with the need for financial investment, which shifted the focus away from what individuals could do. Therefore, it is recommended to include "Biodiversity Footprint" in the document and develop a concept and tools that can be benchmarked against the "carbon footprint." This will enable everyone to make efforts to protect biodiversity.


1.3 Promote the inclusion of the term "biodiversity" in compulsory education textbooks by the education departments of contracting parties, ensuring its appearance in textbooks every government-funded elementary and secondary schools.


1.4 To "mainstream biodiversity", it is necessary to establish a negative case database and make it available on the CBD website, in order to educate people about what constitutes biodiversity destruction. It is suggested that this case library should include a series of cases specifically focused on how climate change mitigation measures may harm biodiversity. For a long time, people have believed that climate change mitigation is always good, but inappropriate measures have actually led to biodiversity loss. Therefore, the establishment of a case library can help explain the need for synergies between biodiversity and climate change.


1.5 Currently, there is too little content about agriculture and genetic resources in this document. (In fact, modern agriculture is one of the important sectors causing the rapid loss of biodiversity). Therefore, it is recommended to include in the document: strengthening the synergies between CBD and International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food (ITPGRFA).




2.1 In the part of 3.2.5 Possible milestones CBCGDF gives the suggestion to fill in the blank.


The organizers of the conference or event pledge to allocate a portion of funds to several biodiversity conservation projects as “biodiversity offset / compensation" for the biodiversity loss or usage caused by the event. For example, the use of printed paper for the conference is based on the consumption of forest resources, while the use of electricity may come from hydropower stations, which may cause damage to river connectivity and lead to a decrease in migratory species populations.


2.2  In the part of 3.2.6 Possible milestones CBCGDF suggested to include:


Fresh products sold in fresh vegetable stores carry an eco-label, indicating the biodiversity footprint of the production process.


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