Reduce and Pick-up Plastics to Reduce Land-based Marine Pollution: CBCGDF's Actions to Support Ocean Sustainability
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By launching the "Reduce & Pick-up Plastics" Initiative in 2016, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has been working hard to reduce land-based plastic pollution. Actions include but not limited to:


1. We have urged China's top take-out business to reduce disposable utensils. To safeguard environmental public interest, we sued China's leading 6 meal takeout companies for their irresponsibility in waste of utensils in 2017. These led to China launching new regulations on reducing plastic pollutions. For example, in 2019, Shanghai launched its new regulation on Garbage Management, stipulating that restaurants and food takeout services must not give consumers disposable utensils without their asking; and Beijing did the same in 2020.  


2.  We're mobilizing all stakeholders in fighting against plastic pollutions. Our environmental knowledge competition attracted more than 1 million college students’ participation every year;


3. We're fighting against over-packaging. Since 2015, we gathered solid data through surveys and market investigation, based on which we advised the Government to develop new regulations and National Standards on overpackaging.


4. Our suggestions to China Ministry of Education on reducing plastic use was adopted in 2019, and the 4 Ministries worked together and launched a new policy, asking all elementary and secondary school must ensure Plastic-free Back-to-School Seasons.

5. CBCGDF established a "Green School" system, working with schools to promote awareness in reducing plastic use and pollution. A dozen schools joined the network and kept on carrying out educational actions for our next generation.


6. CBCGDF joined as an observer to the BRS Conventions, and became a member of the ENFORCE.

7. CBCGDF developed a Green Meeting Index to guide event-organizers to reduce the use of plastics.


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