Earth Day 2022 @CBCGDF: Invest in Our Planet. Together!
2022/4/24 16:47:00 本站

April 22 was Earth Day.

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and Beijing Automotive Group Co. Ltd launched a three-day earth protection action to “Invest in Our Planet. Together”. 

From April 21 to 23, we invited many partners to participate in the interaction and communication to build a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable future with the topics of #InvestinOurPlanet. Together! #Light the Earth with Actions, and #Talk to the Earth. Everyone would be an indispensable investor in protecting the planet.

The capacity of our planet for space, resources and environment is limited, and a study shows that humans are using up the planet’s resources at an all-time high -- it would take two Earths to meet our current needs. Our planet is also seriously overloaded, facing problems such as climate warming, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, overpopulation and resource shortage, etc.

The earth, the only habitat for human beings, is suffering from all kinds of pain and destruction.

As the official partner of Earth Day, CBCGDF called on concrete actions to protect our planet, for only the action and awareness of the whole people can make the earth healthier and better.


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