You You Lu Ming (Phase II): on How to Solve the current dilemma of "Degradable Plastics" & Improve policies & standards
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In order to promote ecological civilization and build a shared community for all life on the Earth, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has organized a series of experts’ workshops---“You You Lu Ming” on Fighting Against Plastic Pollution. On April 8, 2022, the second phase of "You You Lu Ming” was successfully held, themed on “How to solve the current dilemma of ‘degradable plastics’ & improve policies & standards”.

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The workshop was hosted by Yang Changjiang, Advisor of the CBCGDF's "Plastic Reduction and Plastic Collection" working group, with 3 special guests for the in-depth discussion on how to define degradable plastics, the environmental performance of existing degradable plastics, and how to manage degradable plastics scientifically.

The dialogue was held offline and online, and broadcast live, and nearly 4,000 people participated in the dialogue online.

In terms of plastic pollution control, whether degradable plastics can truly achieve natural degradation has been controversial, especially at the time when the United Nations has begun to formulate a global agreement on plastic pollution control. This is a major issue facing the directional choice in terms of technology with practical urgency. During the interview, Mr. Sun Wei, CEO of Beijing Ni’ao Technology Co., Ltd., showed us the comparative analysis of the technical standards of degradable plastics in the EU countries and China; Ms. Zhang Miao, director of Shanghai Yi’ke Circulation Technology Promotion Center, introduced the degradation effect and environmental impact of degradable plastics in different environments; Dr. Mao Da, director of Shenzhen Zero-Waste Environmental Protection Public Welfare Development Center and initiator of the "Non-toxic Pioneer" action, shared with us the macro management policies of degradable plastics, its innovative research and development directions, and social consumption constraints, which will bring profound inspiration to China’s future plastic pollution control.

The Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, as members of the Plastic Pollution Prevention and Control Subcommittee of the United Nations Environment Assembly, will continue to pay attention to the issue of plastic pollution, deeply participate in and promote activities related to the 2024 Global Agreement on the Elimination of Plastic Pollution, in order to promote biodiversity conservation, green development, and ecological civilization.


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