Zhou Jinfeng’s Speech at China National Convention Center: To Practice Ecological Civilization and Realize Green Conference with “Green Meeting Index”
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On October 26th, the “Three-in-One Product System of Alfasommet” was released in China National Convention Center. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to the event. In the past ten days, Dr. Zhou had flown around the earth for nearly two times to attend quite some international conferences, including the 46th Session of the Committee on World Food Security in Rome and the “Arboreta Around the World: Share your knowledge on biodiversity” International conference on history, value and future prospects of arboreta in Italy.


Dr. Zhou was particularly impressed by the EAT Stockholm Food Forum that he attended in June. He said he experienced the real "paperless" venue in the forum. In addition to wearing a forum badge, the mobile app supports the whole process of the meeting to solve problems; all the forum contents including agenda and subforum information can be obtained. It even provides humanized participation services, such as transportation demand for carpooling to and from the airport. Besides, the speech content of the forum guests is vivid and excellent, which is amazing. If all the international conferences or forums in the future are joined by the above smart app, the conference quality, output and efficiency will be greatly improved, which will benefit a lot.


Green development is the mainstream in the future. The CBCGDF has always advocated green development and put it into practice. Given the "green conference", informatization has become a trend. In 2020, the Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nation's Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD CoP15) will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, with the participation of tens of thousands of people. According to traditional practice, a large number of papers, plastic products, and other wastes will be produced, which will waste plenty of resources. Under the proposal and promotion of the CBCGDF, the theme of CBD COP15 has now incorporated the elements of the "green conference".


The transformation of the conference and exhibition is imminent, and the transformation towards the direction of green development will be the only way. Regardless of the current situation, all future conferences and exhibitions will gradually start to use digital technology and efficient artificial intelligence. If an app can focus on green development and solve relevant problems, the conference results will be greatly improved and have far-reaching significance.


The release of the "Three-in-One Product System of Alfasommet" is not only a breakthrough in artificial intelligence and other new technologies but also a breakthrough point to realize the green exhibition conference. To promote the change of production and lifestyle, it is also a response to the idea of ecological civilization. At the same time, this work needs the support of many leading figures in the conference and exhibition industry and should work together to create a green and innovative future. The CBCGDF has already launched the "Green Meeting Index" (GMI). In the future update working, the CBCGDF will consider adding the requirements for new technologies such as artificial intelligence and will practice green development with all walks of life together.



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