Zhou Jinfeng: New Civilization Needs New Fashion, Alleviating Human Crisis Needs to Practice HbS | Speech at “2019 Compassion in Fashion Forum & Show”
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Before the opening of the “2019 Compassion in Fashion Forum & Show”, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) once expressed his expectations for this event that is effectively compatible with fashion and ecological civilization:


Human beings have experienced primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, industrial civilization, and are entering an ecological civilization. Every change in civilization is a fundamental change. In the new era of ecological civilization, we need to embrace this change through proactive thinking and action, and use it as a basis to innovate the way of production and life. This includes the abandonment and change of many habits, aesthetics and viewpoints based on the excessive consumption of natural ecological resources in the era of industrial civilization.


At present, the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis have become a huge threat to human survival and development. Only by making changes so that people's living habits, consumption thinking, and other viewpoints are in line with ecological civilization, so that everyone can participate voluntarily and spontaneously, we have the opportunity to resolve this crisis that threatens human existence.


Starting from zero fur, using the new fashion concept to support the public's aesthetic and consumption, helping to alleviate the human crisis of survival, this is an action that conforms to the development of the times. Let us actively participate in and lead the new trend of fashion!


At the opening ceremony of the event on October 17, 2019, Dr. Zhou was invited as a guest to deliver a speech. He once again stressed that the two major crises that human beings are currently facing have made human sustainable development unsustainable and forced humanity into a new era of civilization - the era of ecological civilization. "The only way to solve the crisis facing humanity is through human change, which is the Human based Solution (HbS) proposed by CBCGDF." Zhou Jinfeng emphasized.


At present, fashion is an important part of ecological civilization, a representative of new civilization, a force for developing new civilization, and a necessary path for human beings. Therefore, Dr. Zhou hopes that through the forum's learning and exchange opportunities, the participants will be encouraged to participate, and the resulting changes will promote more people's participation, and also hope that the forum's actions can lead "new fashion."


The “2019 Compassion in Fashion Forum & Show” (The 5th International Sustainable Fur Free Fashion Festival) is organized by CBCGDF ACTAsia Special Fund. This forum brings together many experts and industry insiders from domestic and international fashion fields to focus on the development of sustainable fashion in the world at the forefront of fashion and zero fur, and to discuss the fashion issues of sustainable development of zero fur.






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