CBCGDF Succeeded in Emergency Rescue and Released the Pangolin “Four Days” in the Wild
2019/5/28 11:52:00 本站

The pangolin “Four Days” was in emergency rescue – it had not taken any water or food for four days, in Mengla, Yunnan Province.


The other day two more pangolins were seen dead – “Four Days” was also facing fierce. We mush ask why this happened? China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) can save lives and restore natural ecology!


The Taipei Zoo has always given us great help, and they had been online for the past few days. We also thank the pangolins experts from African and Vietnam, the experts from Malaysia, and Professor Zhu, the director from the Chinese Pangolins Research Center.


Feeding in the wild was successfully completed and could be visited in the wild. (Advices from a Taiwan expert: Nasal tube is needed for feeding, but the improved feed formula is not convenient to be published. And also, the method of feeding is not something that ordinary people can operate. Is the pangolin still not active? Since couldn’t see the photo. If the situation is good, release it as soon as possible in the wild!)


-Successfully released in the wild! The male Malayan pangolin “Four Days”, when was found to weigh 3.8kg, has successfully returned to nature! Thanks to everyone! The process of wild release went through several hours – the forest police, volunteers, CCTV report, everyone has worked hard!


This is the sixth live pangolin in the second batch that we have encountered. This time is a 100% success rate. Thanks to all the people involved in the rescue. Thanks to the Zhou Jiangang team from “Colorful Earth”.


After being released in the wild, we observed that “Four Days” climbed three trees, ate the wild ants many times, and was fed several times by the CBCGDF “Pangolin Girl”. Its physical strength was restored, so awesome!


In May 2019, we found three pangolins in Yunnan Province, two of which were dead when we arrived at the scene. One has not taken any water or food for four days, and we named it “Four Days”. It was successfully saved by us and was successfully released in the wild. Our success rate for this rescue is 100%.


After being released in the wild, the speed of “Four Days” ’s eating ants is amazing! (http://t.cn/AiKJzeAV?m=4376691113349905&u=3274880450)



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

By / Niu Jingmei