Gull Boy of CBCGDF appeals to share the nature with relic gull
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Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has carried out tidal wetland conservation in Tianjin to curb the disruption to local habitats of relic gulls, which draws the nationwide attention. Dongfang TV of Tianjin has contacted the CBCGDF delegate Li Yunfei for a deep report.


On May 19, Li Yunfeo, also known as Gull Boy, arrived at the tidal wetland in the early morning to dissuade visitors, who pick up clams when the tide ebbs, from disrupting the natural habitat. But cars jammed the entrance of the wetland, and crowds headed to the seaside to pick up clams with buckets and other tools.


When being interviewed by the reporter, Gull Boy introduced the recent patrol work in details.


Reporter: What ecological influence will be caused by such behavior on relic gulls? Why do so many people come to pick up clams?


Gull Boy: Part of them are local residents. Others are from other provinces and get to know this place due to social media like Tik Tok. The total number of visitors has reached to 2000 per day. The natural habitat would be greatly damaged and the relic gull, the national key protected animals, would be under the significant treat if we take no actions. 


Report: How about the current situation? Why should we protect this animal?


Gull Boy: Relic gull is the first-class national protected animals. According to local volunteers, the number of relic gulls on this tidal wetland accounts for the 90% and even 95% of the national total. If local residents still disturb the ecological environment, then there will be no food for gulls, which may cause the death of relic gulls. To this end, we should and must protect relic gulls.


Reporter: What measures have you taken? And does they work?


Gull Boy: CBCGDF has sent official letters to Tianjin government, Department of Wetlands Management of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Tianjin Daily and other pertinent departments to catch their eyes on this issue, and made every effort to protect the homeland of relic gulls. Governmental departments indeed took protective measures, such as fencing arterial roads around the tidal wetland and prohibiting vehicle entrance. On the other hand, our volunteers in the spot hung banners and set up billboard around the wetland. According to our observation, the number of visitors has declined, but there are still lots of people pick up clams here. 


Gull Boy reminds the fact that relic gull is the first-class national key protected animal again, and clams are a must for gulls in migration. Therefore, we call on the public not to dig clams along the seaside or disturb the ecological balance of the tidal wetland. Public conservation, instant response, and support of relevant departments are the key determining factors.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Wang Yanqing