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At 11:00 p.m. on May 16 and 15:00 p.m. on May 17, the same spotted seal caught in a fishing net on the beach of Tiger Stone Sea Park in Beidaihe, seeming to request human assistance to extricate itself. Tian Zhiwei, director of China Conservation Area for Waterfowl at Tangshan and other volunteers of Qinhuangdao of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), who received the news, rushed to the scene at the first time. Unfortunately, because the rescue on the 16th night was not timely, the spotted seal had become very irritable on the 17th, and the volunteers were not allowed to approach again. The second rescue opportunity was missed again. In order to ensure the success of the third rescue, five volunteers of China Conservation Area for Spotted Seal at Panjin, took blankets, scissors, and other tools on the beach of Tiger Stone Sea Park in Beidaihe to ensure the rescue. The 17 hours rescue continued until the seal was rescued successfully.


This is what happened. On the evening of May 16, Tingting, a volunteer of the CBCGDF 's "China Conservation Area for Spotted Seal at Panjin", reported to Tian Jiguang, director of China Conservation Area at Panjin, that a Spotted Seal was spotted on the beach of Tiger Stone Sea Park in Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao City. The fishing nets were wrapped around the neck of the Spotted Seal. The Spotted Seal was unable to get rid of the fishing net. After asking for help from Director Tian Jiguang, the volunteers again dialed the telephone of fishery administration and public security in Qinhuangdao City for help, but the relevant departments were delayed due to the late time.


To ensure the timely rescue of spotted seals, Director Tian Jiguang began to instruct volunteers to cut off fishing nets. But the volunteers were blocked by other people (a local leader) on the scene on the grounds of secondary injury. The spotted seal stayed on shore for about two hours. Under the influence of the high tide, the disappointed little spotted seal swam back into the sea.


But this is not the end of the matter. If the little spotted seal is not rescued in time, the result may be lucky to break free from the fishing net, and the other is that the neck grows thicker and may cause asphyxia. Considering the second possibility, the volunteers of CBCGDF frontline are unwilling to give up any chance to help. At 7:30 a.m. on the 17th, director Tian Jiguang and director Tian Zhiwei of China Conservation Area for Waterfowl at Tangshan" disseminated the distress information of the spotted seal among the volunteers in Qinhuangdao and organized a group of volunteers to start patrolling Beidaihe. CBCGDF has also released many relevant videos and then started to spread rescue information through various channels. 15 hours after the last rescue, the spotted seal reappeared on the beach of Tiger Stone Sea Park.


As mentioned above, the spotted seal is very irritable and cannot be approached by volunteers. Finally, the second rescue ended in failure.


The failure of the second rescue alerted the volunteers well. Our rescue needs to consider many factors and prepare materials in advance. We believe that we can see the Spotted seal for the third time tonight because it is so smart that it knows to ask for help from human beings when necessary. We will continue to follow up this event, thanks to all the volunteers and people who care about it, our hard work will not be in vain, the little spotted seal will easily return to the sea.


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