The Situation of “No Move” Eyes Festering, Tail Scales Out of Pus Has Improved | CBCGDF Pangolins Working Group Participated in the Rescue in the First Line of Guangdong Province
2019/5/14 14:12:00 本站

Among the pangolins that the CBCGDF Pangolins Working Group is jointly involved in rescue, the “No Move” is the most worrying one: female, weighing 2.05kg, and it was not found to have any autonomous activity for three days from April 20 to 22nd when it was hospitalized. In response to the festering of the eyes and the presence of pus under the three scales in the tail of “No Move”, after taking corresponding measures, recently, the CBCGDF "Pangolin Girl" observed that there had been an improvement.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Niu Jingmei