A Real Record of the Dialogues Between the Cadres of the Forestry Department and the "Pangolin Girl" of CBCGDF
2018/6/22 12:13:00 本站

Recently, the people in charge of wildlife protection departments in several provinces in China gathered and discussed the related work and countermeasures of CBCGDF in the near future. They felt that there were pressures and lack of understanding. However, there were also several cadres of the forestry-related departments and Sophia Zhang, CBCGDF’s “Pangolin Girl” exchanged dialogues via Wechat. While praising these responsible people for what the public can learn from them, also applaud for the volunteers who are fighting on the frontline.


The cadre in charge of the forest department (hereinafter referred to as Cadre A): Well, your role is still very large, and all of them have standardized the rescue work of wild animals in many provinces in the south. And if it wasn't for you, we are still working on the model of a few decades ago and we haven’t made any progress.

Pangolin Girl (hereinafter referred to as Sophia): What are you talking about? Are you complimenting me?

Cadre A: We are afraid of you now. We are all doing a good job honestly.


Sophia: Perhaps you can say, CBCGDF is playing a big role.


Cadre A: You can say that, too.

Sophia: I can't do anything without CBCGDF. I have a strong team from CBCGDF behind me as a backing strength.

Cadre A: We have to improve our work. Many wild animals have been saved. They should thank CBCGDF. Thank you.

Cadre B: Actually, we thank you very much. Information is publicly applied. In this way, funds can be approved.

Sophia: Really?

Cadre B: The supervision of the government and the social organization will be the norm in the future, and we should get used to it.

We are all learning and measuring our lives. During this period of time, we witnessed the interaction between a passionate girl who was not deeply involved in the world and some self-proclaimed administrative agencies. We can learn a lot. This "Pangolin Girl", these experiences, and the transformation of these administrative agencies will leave a deep mark on our life and work track.

was showing videos on panglins to the villagers of Jiangxi.jpg

Sophia was showing videos on panglins to the villagers of Jiangxi.

source CBCGDF.jpg

source CBCGDF 1.jpg

On the night of May 28, 2018, this Chinese pangolin was discovered by two youths in Ningdou and released on May 29.

(Photo source: CBCGDF)