“Irrelevant”? – CBCGDF was Refused to Attend the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference
2018/6/20 23:24:00 本站

The Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Conference will be held on 10 to 11 October 2018 in London, UK. The conference welcomes policy makers together with NGOs, academics and key countries affected by IWT to join the conversation. As China’s leading NGO dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, CBCGDF proactively fights against wildlife crimes (e.g. illegal trades, illegal poaching, etc.).


Some of the examples on CBCGDF’s efforts toward protecting pangolins are shown as below:


CBCGDFs volunteers fight to curb pangolin consumption. By far, the volunteers of CBCGDF have found four cases of individuals consumed pangolins for food by analyzing cyber footprints, including some ate pangolins and showed off on their social media.


To help local police to find active pangolin vendors and serial criminals. 


To encourage public participation, promote public awareness, and bring Environmental Public Interest Litigations (EPIL) towards violating pharmaceutical companies and restaurants.


To promote legislation on pangolin conservation.


And in the beginning of 2018, CBCGDF received reports from volunteers that some religious group organizes large-sized wildlife release events with large quantity and species variety in Haikou, Southern China's Hainan Province. Many of the wild animals are among China's national protected categories and CITES’ appendix. Highly worried, CBCGDF sent official letters to competent departments asking for investigation and law enforcement.


And also, on 13 April, 2018, CBCGDF’s volunteers in Shucheng of Anhui Province, squat for two days and nights, found a big vehicle loaded with full of wild animals to high-speed, to pass through Jiangxi to Guangzhou market. The Jiangxi Provincial Forest police quickly organized to intercept the vehicle. They found more than 10,000 wild animals (600 kgs in total) in the vehicle.


Last but not the least, a leading bank in China was promoting ivory sale at the end of 2017 before China’s Ivory Ban fully in force. CBCGDF immediately exposed this issue and sent staff members for field and online investigation. After these efforts, the bank immediately made open apology, and almost all online platforms of ivory sales disappeared soon.


All of these is just the tip of the iceberg of CBCGDF's efforts. CBCGDF has the qualification and enthusiasm and would love to attend the meeting. However, after reaching out to the Chinese State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA), it was more than shocking that their response is CBCGDF’s work is irrelevant to this IWT meeting. At the same time, CBCGDF will carry on to fight illegal wildlife crimes with no hesitation.

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