Pangolin Girl and Volunteers of CBCGDF Visited Jiangxi to Protect Pangolins
2018/6/12 0:11:00 本站

Sophia Zhang, the “Pangolin Girl”, the director of the Pangolin Working Group of CBCGDF, headed to China's Jiangxi Province to save pangolins. The story began on May 28th, when two young guys found a wounded Chinese pangolin baby and turned it to the local forest police. One day after, this little pangolin was released to the wild.


CBCGDF believes that this case shows there are other Chinese pangolins inhabit somewhere in the wild, which requires more protective measures and public awareness. On behalf of CBCGDF's Pangolin Working Group, Sophia traveled to Jiangxi, and talked to those two young men, gave them an honorary prize. She also visited the local community, discussed with volunteers on setting up a China Conservation Area for pangolins (CCAfa) to aware, encourage, and empower the local communities to protect the endangered species.


Holding the belief that children are conservation's future, she also communicated to local kids there. Not surprisingly, none of them had ever heard about pangolins. Amazed by this interesting animal, the little ones asked: "Is it a big rat"? Hence Sophia told stories about these world's most trafficked mammals to the kids and told them: "If you or your family saw one of them, just report it to the forest police. To let people know they are critically endangered and they need protection. To tell people not to eat them."

640 Pangolin Girl Sophia Goes to Lai Town Government.jpg

Pangolin Girl Sophia Goes to Lai Village Government.

Pangolin Girl Sophia introduced pangolins to villagers in Lai village.jpg

Sophia introduced pangolins to villagers in Lai village.

viewing the videos on pangolins.jpg

Showing the videos on pangolins.

Where did this big rat come from.jpg

"Where did this big rat come from?"

(Photo source: CBCGDF)

by/Linda, Niu Jingmei, Shuya