Why CBCGDF Looks for Yangtze River Dolphin?
2018/5/3 13:32:00 本站

In the past 3 years, we have been looking for Baji/Lipotes vexillifer/Yangtze River dolphin/whitefin dolphin, (白鱀豚, nicknamed "Goddess of the Yangtze"), and the endeavors were widely reported (good or bad, praises and criticisms). Despite various of efforts, the endangering factors to the Baji's natural habitats keep their existence in the Yangtze River, such as electric fishing, sand-dredging, busy shipping, etc.


Although CBCGDF’s volunteers and the local people reportedly have witnessed the Baiji for a couple of times, it was not backed by physical evidences - say, photographs or video recordings. This year's new findings are exciting, and our personnel have resorted to Chinese experts including Yuyuan HUA, Minghao ZHANG and some others. And we're seeking scientific support from IUCN SSC Cetacean Specialist Group as well.


Why we're consistently looking for the remaining Baiji? We're not doing this to make headlines; we're trying to aware the people: THEY ARE THERE. Be cautious, take care of their habitats, constraint ourselves, and give the species a break - or, it is going to extinct forever. From the perspective of a leading Chinese NGO engaged in conservation, previously CBCGDF supported set up a Community Conservation Area for Baiji (CCAfa) aims to promote public awareness and involve more joint efforts.


Nevertheless, it's far from enough. The Yangtze River was over-exploited and heavily polluted in the past decades. More attention should be attached to address conservation for the freshwater dolphin. Our country is losing its rich biodiversity at a frightening speed. We're seeking for more attention and support to safeguard habitats. Fundamentally, conserving the endangered species is actually protecting human's future.

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(photo source: EPNF)