2018: Pangolin Counting Year
2018/2/20 16:17:00 本站

On the World Pangolin Day, we call 2018 "A Counting Year for Pangolins". Why? Here's CBCGDF 2018 Work Plan for the endangered species:

1.Inventory of pangolins and pangolin products confiscated by Customs in the past few years: disclose the statistics about their whereabouts and usages after confiscation;

2. Counting pangolin products on sale today: varieties, stock volume, sale, source of the pangolin products; share the inventory information with the public;

3. Counting the number of pangolins received by China's Wildlife Rescue Centers, pangolin farms, research institutions: how many pangolins they've received in the past years, and where those mammals ended up? Reveal the information to the public;

4. Making an inventory of the amount of pangolin and its products in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pharmacies and open to the public.