CBCGDF and “Eco-Guardians” Explore How to Protect Wild Siberian Tigers
2018/2/14 23:07:00 本站

Recently, the “Eco-Guardian Conservation of Wild Siberian Tiger" project team, launched by CBCGDF and the Ecological Guardian Non-profit Organization, went to the Huichun Forestry Bureau to discuss with the Chief of Animal Protection section of the Huichun Forestry Bureau, the head of the Huichun Wildlife Conservation Association and the front-line rangers.


The representative of CBCGDF together with the initiator of the “Eco-Guardian”, introduced the original intention of the “Ecological Conservation Project” and the purpose and project plans of this visit, expressing their concern for the protection of wild Siberian tigers and their good wishes for participation. The chief of the Huichun Forestry Bureau welcomed the arrival of a line of people, and the two sides also discussed and exchanged opinions on the actual problems faced by the Huichun Forestry Bureau in the area of ecological construction of conservation areas and the protection of the Siberian tigers, and the direction of future cooperation. In the future, the two sides will play their respective advantages, and carry out more intensive cooperation in protecting wild Siberian tigers. At the meeting, the project team also donated a batch of internationally renowned brands of outdoor equipment such as clothes and boots to the Huichun Wildlife Conservation Association to support first-line rangers to get more effective protection and carry out better conservation work.


Two days prior to this, the “Eco-Guardian Project” team went deep into the hinterland of the wild Siberian Tiger Reserve in Huichun City to learn more about the ecological status of conservation areas and the protection of wild Siberian tiger related situation. At the same time, they carried out in-depth understanding and exchange of the locals’ work. With the help of the Wild Conservation Association, the team members also set foot on the trail of the Siberian tiger, and found the footprints, feces and paw prints left on the trunk about three days ago. Through the infrared camera installed in the field, they observed the image data of the tiger. One of the videos clearly recorded the presence of a male Siberian tiger. Everyone was very excited. Although couldn’t contact the big cats in the wild, it was worthwhile to see them in the video.


In the next two days, the project team also together with the Huichun Wildlife Conservation Association carried out mountain patrol to clear hunting kits, anti-poaching, and other work. We look forward to more attention and support from all walks of life from the society!












(photo courtesy: Ren Xiaodong)

by/Niu Jingmei