Is it a Blessing or a Curse? Is the Merit of the Buddha or the Animal's Calamity?​
2018/2/14 13:55:00 本站

Various sea turtles, hawksbill, cranes, snakes porcupines, and other wildlife are captured for Buddhist ceremonial merit releases in Haikou, Southern China's Hainan Province. According to CBCGDF volunteers, the local religious group organizes large-sized wildlife release events with large quantity and species variety. The ceremony is held on a daily basis - usually a rotation with one-day terrestrial and aquatic the next day. Many of the animals are among China's national protected animals and CITES appendix.   

CBCGDF received reports from volunteers last week, according to whom these illegal Buddhist ceremonial release practices have lasted for 10 years. Highly worried, we're sending official letters to competent departments asking for investigation and law enforcement.




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(photo courtesy: volunteers of CBCGDF)

by/Linda, Shuya