Visit to Bayannao’er Forestry Farm on the Third Day | CBCGDF 2023 Arid Area Biodiversity Investigation
2023/7/27 15:23:00 本站

July 25, 2023, on the third day of investigation, experts participating in the arid area biodiversity investigation organized by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) visited forestry farm in Bayannao’er of Inner Mongolia.

Early in the morning, the experts set off from Yijinhuoluo Banner and took the train to Bayannao’er City. Four and a half hours later, at noon, they arrived at Linhe Station in Bayannao’er City. In the afternoon, the group went to the local forestry farm in Wulantuke Town of Bayannao’er City for field research. During the visit, the researchers talked about the important ecological and economic values of afforestation in desertification control, wind and sand fixation, soil and water conservation with the persons in charge of the farm and local forestry experts.

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