Jinfeng Zhou Conducts Biodiversity Field Research at Shanghai's Langxia Outskirt Park
2023/7/26 11:49:00 本站

Dr. Jinfeng Zhou, Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) , conducted a field research visit to the rural landscape of agriculture, forestry, and water in the Langxia Outskirt Park, Shanghai, on July 25, 2023. The focus of this research was to examine the biodiversity status in the community and understand the ecological environment of the suburban areas in Shanghai.

Located in Langxia Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, Langxia Outskirt Park spans approximately 21.4 square kilometers and is rated as a national 4A-level scenic spot. Its construction concept revolves around promoting the integration of "three lives" (ecology, production, and living) to address issues related to "three rural" (rural areas, agriculture, and farmers). Notably, Langxia Outskirt Park seamlessly blends with the surrounding rural areas, creating a harmonious landscape.

During the visit, Dr. Jinfeng Zhou visited the field science observation research station within the park and received a warm welcome from Professor Xuechu Chen of the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences at East China Normal University. This research station, jointly established by the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences at East China Normal University, Shanghai Construction Land and Land Consolidation Affairs Center, and the government of Langxia Town, is a significant research base under the "Technical Innovation Center for Ecological Restoration of Metropolitan Land Spatial Space" of the Ministry of Natural Resources. It provides robust support for the advancement of national ecological conservation and restoration initiatives.

Professor Xuechu Chen stated that through their comprehensive land consolidation and ecological restoration project, they hope to organically integrate the four rural elements of "agriculture," "forestry," "water," and "village" together.

During the research, Dr. Jinfeng Zhou carefully observed the conservation of wilderness areas and the situation of invasive alien species in the rural landscape of agriculture, forestry, and water. Wilderness areas are often among the most pristine and valuable ecological environments in nature, seemingly chaotic but harboring rich species resources, serving as a precious "ecological bank" in nature.

Biodiversity conservation has been a core mission of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation since its establishment in 1985. As a national first-level society dedicated to ecological protection and green development, the foundation has been actively promoting the conservation of ecological environments and wildlife resources, and has been making unremitting efforts to promote Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON). This research activity not only helps the Foundation gain on-the-ground insights into the current state of biodiversity in Shanghai but also provides reference and basis for future biodiversity conservation work and decision-making consultations.

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