YU Yihua: Citizen Scientists Promote Biodiversity Conservation! The Inspiration from the Discovery of a New Species by a 17-year-old Boy: Nature-watching Should Be Included in the Basic Education Curriculum
2023/7/21 13:30:00 本站

On July 17, 2023, during the summer vacation, a piece of news appeared on the hot search: ZHANG Yixuan, a 17-year-old boy about to enter his third year of high school in Yulin, Guangxi, confirmed the discovery of a new species "Curled Chinese Stone Crab"(Sinolapotamon). The discovery of this species has brought the number of freshwater crab species in Guangxi to 43, enriching China's freshwater biodiversity database. This also allows us to once again see the important role of citizen scientists in biodiversity conservation and enrichment of biodiversity informatics.

For the students who are running around in various training courses during the summer vacation, this news may provide a different direction and vision of future education—it is not only the discovery of a new species, but also reminds us to pay more attention to the education system. To carry out more "nature-watching" to cultivate children's curiosity and desire to explore, this is the activity that really helps to improve citizens' scientific literacy.

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