CBCGDF International Department and the Bat Conservation International Discussed Bat Protection
2023/7/20 11:00:00 本站

On July 19, 2023, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), and Dr. Jon Flanders, Director of Endangered Species Intervention at Bat Conservation International held an online meeting to discuss bat conservation. The two parties at the meeting introduced the current status and challenges of international bat protection, discussed international cooperation and resource sharing for bat protection, and shared successful cases and lessons learned from bat protection.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng first introduced the "Bat Conservation Action Network"(BCAN) , launched by CCBGDF.. He said that in recent years, bats have gone through a process of being stigmatized from "blessing" to "disaster". Some people think that bats are the source of epidemics, so they are very panicked about bats. Many people see bats, whether in cities or in the wild, and want to remove them. In fact, bats play an important role in the ecosystem and perform a variety of ecological functions. Bats are important pollinators and seed dispersers, dispersing plant seeds to other places by eating fruit, helping to maintain the diversity of plant communities and forest regeneration. Bats are natural enemies of many insects. They control the number of pests by preying on them, which plays an important role in the ecological balance and biological control of crops. In addition, bats are also key players in the food chain, essential for maintaining the balance of other animal populations and the stability of ecosystems. These important ecosystem service functions urgently require us to have a correct understanding in order to "support the life of all things in the way of biodiversity".


Zhou Jinfeng also said that on the other hand, China does not pay enough attention to bat research and protection. We hope to support local scientists to carry out scientific research on bat protection and provide scientific basis for bat protection. Strengthen publicity for international bat conservation and increase public awareness of bat conservation.


Dr. Jon Flanders introduced the latest progress in international bat protection and research, and introduced the history of the Bat Conservation International, the current focus of work, and academic journals. He said that he looked forward to the cooperation between the two parties to jointly promote the research and protection of bats on the stage of global environmental governance.


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