To Cure Nature-deficit Disorder, CBCGDF Proposes to Reconstruct the Connection between Man and Nature by "Nature-watching"
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With the advancement of urbanization, people's living environment has become farther and farther away from nature. The high walls made of reinforced concrete isolate us from the nature, and the busy streets become the main place for us to run around. However, such a way of life has gradually weakened our connection with nature, and our next generation will inevitably suffer from "nature-deficit disorder".

More generally, "nature-deficit disorder" refers to the lack of experience and opportunities to interact with nature, resulting in insufficient knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Children grow up in tall buildings, spend most of their time indoors, and have little exposure to the beauty and wonder of nature. They cannot personally feel the fragrance of flowers and plants, the singing of birds, nor experience the tranquility and power of nature. Many children have never seen what is the "frost" in the morning. In fact, this "nature-deficit disorder" not only deprives them of opportunities to empathize with nature, but also affects their understanding of biodiversity and ecosystems.

By "nature-watching", we can change this situation. "Nature-watching" is a nature protection method proposed by Dr. ZHOU Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF) in July 2020, which aims to encourage the public to observe and appreciate nature and understand biological biodiversity, thereby promoting the mainstreaming of biodiversity and the improvement of public scientific literacy. The origin and significance of this concept demonstrates the respect for nature and the protection of biodiversity.

The concept of "nature-watching" provides children with a way to get in touch with nature, allowing them to understand the mysteries of nature through observation, exploration and experience. Whether in urban parks, wild nature reserves or farmland villages, nature-watching activities can help children perceive the beauty and magic of nature, and cultivate their interest in nature and awareness of protection. Nature-watching is not only a fun game and entertainment, but also a way of education, allowing children to learn to respect nature and cherish life.

By nature-watching, we can not only help children get rid of "nature-deficit disorder", but also cultivate their environmental awareness and sustainable development values. They will become aware of the limitations of natural resources and understand the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. This will provide more sustainable solutions and ideas for future urban planning and development, and integrate our cities with nature.

Therefore, we should encourage and support "nature-watching" activities to create more opportunities for children and adults to get in touch with nature. By nature-watching, we can rebuild the bond with nature, rediscover the beauty and value of nature, and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Such a transformation is not only an important part of environmental education, but also beneficial to the physical and mental health of citizens individually and collectively, and is of great significance to the sustainable development of society and the ecological system.

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