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According to the report from the volunteer, a Wechat Moment published by the Conophytum seller nicknamed as Dr Flower in October 2022 revealed the routes and charges of smuggling Conophytum from Thailand to Yunnan.

Picture source: screenshot from volunteers (The revelation of the smuggling route from Thailand to Yunnan Province)

The report “The impacts of the illegal succulent trade on South Africa’s Biodiversity Hotspot, The Succulent Karoo”, published by South Africa National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), a national science agency, shows that at the end of June 2023, more than 1.2 million illegally harvested plants have been confiscated and it is estimated that thousands more have likely been smuggled out of the country over the last four years.

The report shows that “due to limited resources, plants in arid areas are slow growing, and these types of Conophytum succulents are exceptionally slow growing and are therefore very seldom cultivated in nurseries, and many of the rare species specimens currently available on the international market are mainly wild-harvested.”

The “Thailand-Yunnan Province, China route” has become an important illegal entry route for smuggled wild Conophytum to reach China. They send the Conophytum from Thailand to Yunnan,by falsely reporting the origin information and concealing the fact of wild plants, such as using the name of “cultivated in nurseries”, and fill in the origin of the Conophytum as Thailand during customs declaration.

Picture source: screenshot from volunteers

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In order to help with the implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), assist Chinese and South African law-enforcement authorities to fight against illegal wildlife trade, conserve biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth, CBCGDF Botanical and Horticultural Working Committee launched “Clean Internet for Conophytum” on March 9, 2023, calling for attention to the illegal trade of such species in the hope of building a shared future for all life on Earth.

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