What’s the Source of Conophytum Sold by Dr. Flower? Strict Investigation of Conophytum Plants Transported from Thailand to Yunnan Is Recommended丨Clean Internet for Conophytum (99)
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Although South Africa has promulgated laws to prohibit illegal collection and trade of wild plants since 1974, the problem still exists. In the circle of Conophytum collection, there is a well-known group called “North-South Union”. The South is represented by Dr. Flower, a seller based in Jiangsu Province.

According to reports from the volunteers, the seller nicknamed as Dr Flower was arrested by the South African police in 2019 for illegally poaching wild plants. His behavior made Chinese hobbyists who use international social media and many Chinese people (even ordinary tourists) who go to South Africa often get a sidelong glance.

Picture source: South African police (The name of Dr. Flower is listed on top.)

As a result, the Consulate-General of China in Cape Town, South Africa, had to issue an official reminder for several times, dissuading visitors to South Africa from picking wild plants at will.

Picture source: www.huanqiu.com

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. Flower, as one of the biggest traders of wild Conophytum plants, did not stop his business. From 2020 to now, the phenomenon of poaching Conophytum plants has become more rampant. Many buyers do not have to go to South Africa to collect them in person, but instigate local residents to harvest these plants and purchase through e-commerce platforms and social media, further aggravating the survival crisis of such species.

Due to the increase of illegal poaching, all species of Conophytum genus have been included in Appendix III to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Picture source: screenshot from volunteers (The revelation of the smuggling route from Thailand to Yunnan Province)

Picture source: screenshot from volunteers (The revelation of the smuggling route from Thailand to Yunnan Province)

For example, in October of 2022, Dr. Flower sold Conophytum plants through his WeChat Moments as a purchasing agent and underlined that his products were collected from the origin, South Africa.

Picture source: the WeChat Moments of Dr. Flower in October, 2022

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