International Expert’s Comment on the Butterfly Effect of Conophytum Poaching: Illegal Trade in Conophytum Aggravates Existing Negative Views | Clean Internet for Conophytum (095)
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On July 6, 2023, after reading the article published by CBCGDF (China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation) Media, with the title of “Zhou Jinfeng: It is urgent to establish the consciousness of “a community of all life on Earth” and protect Conophytum plants in South Africa! | Clean Internet for Conophytum (092)”, an international expert on Conophytum made his comment that the key point was not the “butterfly effect” mentioned by Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, General Secretary of CBCGDF, but something else.

The expert believed that the trade in Conophytum had indeed consolidated the existing negative views and opinions on China of many westerners. The tragedy of Conophytum can be compared with the poaching of rhinoceros horns to almost extinction to meet the traditional Chinese medicine market and the poaching of ivory to almost extinction in history. “This situation continues,” said the expert, “Abalone and pangolin are being poached to the Chinese market. And the corms and plants from South Africa are popular now, causing another boom in illegal trade.

However, the expert also pointed out that the view of westerners towards China is changing. The Clean Internet for Conophytum initiated by CBCGDF has brought changes and improvements, but the public’s mentality needs to change as well.

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