Zhou Jinfeng: To Start the Language Study of the Cao Vit Gibbon
2023/7/5 14:26:00 本站

On June 29, 2023, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), led a team to visit the Bangliang Gibbon National Nature Reserve in Guangxi for on-site biodiversity research.

Dr. Zhou recorded a video on the way home to pay high tribute to the staffs working hard in the reserve, hoping that they will strengthen the language research of the Cao Vit Gibbon, which will be a major scientific research to fill the domestic and even international gaps, and encourage them to become experts and protectors like Jane Goodall.

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng said: The voice of the Cao Vit Gibbon identifies different populations of gibbons. The animal voice is the animal communication tool, in fact, the animal language.

Dr. Zhou suggested starting language studies of Cao Vit Gibbon. He said: “they have a very interesting and rich language like humans. If we have enough basic information and record enough sounds, we believe that experts in sound can study them. Similarly, the staff of the reserve can, like Dr. Jane Goodall, through self-study and careful research, also become the world's experts in the gibbon language, and can obtain master's degrees and doctoral degrees through their own study and efforts.”

Dr. Zhou said that he is very much looking forward to working with the staff and experts of the reserve on the protection and research of the Cao Vit Gibbon, including cross-border conservation work, as well as the protection of other species in the reserve.

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