Suspicious Illegal Trade of Endangered Wild Plants "South African Conophytum Roots" on IdleFish Reported to Clean Internet for Conophytum (CIC)
2023/5/15 9:12:00 本站

Recently, a whistleblower reported to Clean Internet for Conophytum about a seller on Alibaba's idle fish platform selling wild conophytum (local conophytum). According to reports, there is a seller named "South African Conophytum Roots Professional" selling local conophytum on idle fish and Alibaba's other platforms.

From the background of the images, it is undoubtedly illegal poaching. Botanical experts commented that the large-scale, rough stacking of the wild conophytum excavated in this way will undoubtedly cause serious damage to the biodiversity of the habitat of this plant.

On May 9, 2023, Clean Internet for Conophytum revisited the account and found that the seller (username t****1) who is suspected to be located in Changzhou, Jiangsu had changed the account's name into "Conophytum Fan Xing". However, from the product information for sale, it is still wild conophytum and information about the excavation background.

The whisleblower has also directly reported to the idle fish's customer service staff on the platform, unfortunately, it was rejected and further requests were dismissed.

Clean Internet for Conophytum has previously sent a letter to idle fish, urging it to fulfill its responsibility and reduce the trade of wild conophytum. However, so far, no response has been received from the idle fish platform.

Idle fish platform, reported by users, is China's largest second-hand item trading platform and is owned by Alibaba Group. According to Alibaba's Q1 2022 financial report, the monthly active users (MAU) of idle fish exceeded 100 million as of June 2021.

(Note: This article is based on the materials received.)

Reported by Chaubi

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