Jinfeng Zhou Discusses Changes in Animal Protection Practices in the New Era: Respecting the Natural Attributes of Life, Achieving Harmonious Coexistence
2023/5/8 10:19:00 本站

The return of giant pandas to China reflects a change in public attitudes towards animal protection.

During the industrial civilization, people used nature, conquered nature, and transformed nature. Guided by this idea, wild animals, as an important component of nature, were often conquered, transformed, and utilised. For example, circuses that once enjoyed great popularity were also a form of conquest, transformation, and use of animals. But now, humans are entering a new civilization, the ecological civilization era. What is the basic attitude of the ecological civilization era? It is to adhere to "harmonious coexistence between humans and nature," no longer conquer, transform, and use, but to "harmoniously coexist with nature." Giant pandas are also part of nature.

What does "harmonious coexistence between humans and nature" mean? We need to think about this issue from the perspective of nature in order to understand how to do it. Now, with the deepening of ecological civilization ideas, more and more people are beginning to care about animal welfare, the health of giant pandas, and their natural habitats. As the habitat of humans, "lucid waters and lush mountains" play a very important role in nature, and this is a very rapid change.

Due to the deepening of ecological civilization ideas, more and more people are paying attention to the work of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) on its protection of giant pandas.

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CBCGDF has proposed two key recommendations, one of which is to pay special attention to the protection of wild giant pandas. In the past, the focus of the whole society was on the captive breeding of giant pandas, but in today's ecological civilization era, our focus should shift to wild giant pandas and care about how they can better survive in nature. We can work hard to prevent habitat fragmentation, reduce expanding human activities that threaten the survival of wild giant pandas. This should be a key focus of current work on giant pandas.

The second recommendation of CBCGDF is to pay attention to the protection of other species besides giant pandas within the designated giant panda protection areas. In addition to focusing on the protection of flagship species such as giant pandas, it is also important to pay attention to the overall protection of biodiversity.

We are very pleased that the relevant authorities have begun to pay attention to these opinions.

In addition, CBCGDF has strongly advocated for the construction of ecological corridors for the protection of giant pandas, allowing them to migrate between several viable areas, ensuring they have a larger living space and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and giant pandas.

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