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On July 26, 2022, the sixth low carbon workshop of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was established. Niu Zhenli Wuchang Rice Low Carbon Workshop in Changbao, Harbin, Heilongjiang is the sixth CBCGDF “low carbon workshop” with Number LCW-006. Before that, Song Yongbin, head of CBCGDF Songhada Protected Area, recommended rice grower Niu Zhenli to the working group of CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop on the briefing, and came to an agreement on jointly building a low carbon workshop.


Niu Zhenli Wuchang Rice Low Carbon Workshop in Changbao, Harbin, Heilongjiang. Source: Working Group of CBCGDF “Low Carbon Workshop”


Low Carbon Workshop (LCW) is a specific case model in carbon reduction and development of CBCGDF, which was officially established on June 21, 2022. The mission is: in order to help achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and promote sustainable development, the low carbon workshop is established to form a series of specific carbon reduction models by means of such active measures as technology, methods and innovation, to effectively reduce carbon emission and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a green development demonstration, the Low Carbon Workshop encourages widespread participation in all sectors of society, to share good stories of China’s green development with the world.


Niu Zhenli Wuchang Rice Low Carbon Workshop in Changbao, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Changbao Township, located in a plain with unique geographical environment, is the core production area of the well-known brand Wuchang Rice. In recent years, more and more farmers have begun to realize the significance of growing ecological rice, when seeing market demand in the development direction of being low-carbon, ecological and healthy, and that consumers are more focused on the low-carbon life from diet first. The little or no use of pesticide and fertilizers is not only conducive to the maintenance and restoration of arable lands, environmental pollution reduction and ensuring food security, but is very benificial to improving the rice quality, taste and brand value.


To grow good fields with low-carbon, and produce good rice with conscience. This is what the rice grower Niu Zhenli has learnt in the production of “Niu Zhenli Wuchang Rice”.


Source: NZL


Five years ago, Song Yongbin, head of CBCGDF Songhada Protected Area, met Niu Zhenli when choosing an authentic Wuchang rice in Wuchang, and found that the rice produced by Niu Zhenli was good with a different flavor. After communicating, Song found that Niu Zhenli growed rice with microbial organic fertilizer not chemical fertilizer in accordance with the guidance of agricultural experts and based on many-years growing experience. Therefore, Niu Zhenli was guided to embark on the journey of low-carbon, ecological, healthy and quality growing.


In the past five years, Niu Zhenli has insisted on using microbial organic fertilizer, and tried his best to avoid unnecessary utilization of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. The soil quality of rice fields becomes better and better year by year, and the rice quality becomes higher and higher year by year. The market for the produced Wuchang rice is stable, where demand exceeds supply and great popularity is enjoyed among the people. This year, Niu Zhenli increases the use of microbial organic fertilizers and conducts artificial weeds cleaning. The rice is doing fine now for another expected harvest year.


The working group of CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop will continue to introduce more good stories in green and low - carbon governance to the world.




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