CCTV Reported "Earthworms Are Hunted to Extinction! What Happened? ——The Earthworm Case of CBCGDF Environmental Public Interest Lawsuit
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Editor: Recently, China Central Television and Xinhua Net have made detailed reports on the earthworm case, an environmental public interest lawsuit brought by the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). This is a typical case of public interest lawsuit for soil biodiversity protection and also a classic case in which the judicial practice of biodiversity conservation has expanded from the relatively narrow idea of  "protecting endangered species" to "protecting ecosystems". The case has great significance not only in China but also in the world. We now edit CCTV’s report as follows for your reference:

Earthworms are hunted to extinction! What happened?


Dried earthworm is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, as its price has continued to rise, the sales of a machine called " earthworm electric shocker" have also increased on the Internet, which has spawned a benefit chain of hunting and killing earthworms.


What are the consequences of the extermination hunting of earthworms?

Experts said that the " earthworm electric shocker" introduces the direct current into the soil so that the earthworms in the soil are stimulated by "electric shock" and burrow out of the soil and are finally picked up. This is not only indiscriminate damage to earthworms, but also damage to other organisms in the soil. It is an extermination hunting.


On August 12, 2021, Zhuhai Intermediate People's Court issued the judgment of the first instance against the case of " earthworm electric shocker " brought by CBCGDF. Three companies, due to their selling of " earthworm electric shocker "and causing irreversible damage to the ecological environment, should bear the corresponding environmental tort liability. The court ordered the companies to apologize and compensate 1.59 million yuan for ecological and environmental losses.


Experts suggest that in order to effectively protect valuable wild animals such as earthworms, nature reserves should be established according to the characteristics of the species' living environment, and effective ecological proliferation should be carried out to ensure the sustainable use of biological resources. At the same time, it is also necessary to optimize the capturing method. Extermination hunting such as using electric shocker or flood irrigation with pesticide should be forbidden.


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