Report from No. 4 Base of CBCGDF: During the Epidemic Control Period, the Wild Animals in the Conservation Site are not Fed?
2022/3/31 12:09:00 本站

In order to minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic, Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening Social Control During the Epidemic Period" on March 24. Do not gather, maintain smooth communication for 24 hours, and participate in nucleic acid testing and sampling or have special access needs to enter and exit with a permit.”

Affected by the strict control of the epidemic, the rescued wild animals at the Changchun Island Wildlife Conservation Site ( No. 4 Base of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation) in Changyi District, Jilin City are also facing the danger of running out of water, food, and even their lives. It is understood that there are currently more than 200 wild animals rescued by wildlife conservation personnel in the conservation site.


(Animals at the conservation site)

On March 23, when the director of the conservation site went to feed and water and check the condition of wild animals, he found that 16 national first-level, second-level, and "three-you" protected animals had died due to untimely feeding. On the afternoon of the 25th, due to the control of the epidemic, Director Wu of the Changchun Island Wildlife Conservation Station was still isolated at a distance of 2 kilometers from the conservation site and could not go to care for the wild animals in the site. What makes Director Wu anxious is that the wild animals rescued in the conservation site have not eaten for nearly 48 hours! To this end, the staff of the conservation site contacted the CBCGDF, hoping to help solve the problem of feeding wild animals in the conservation station.


(Dead animals)

After receiving the news, the staff of CBCGDF immediately communicated with the relevant departments together with the staff of Changchun Island Wildlife Conservation Station. In the end, the traffic police in charge of the containment and control of the epidemic arranged a special car to escort Director Wu's family to the conservation station. In this way, the food and daily life of the wild animals in the conservation station are also guaranteed during the epidemic control period. The lives of wild animals also deserve respect and need to be protected! With the efforts of many caring people with a sense of love and responsibility, the animals in danger of life in the conservation site have been out of danger and turned to safety. Caring for wild animals, our common home will be better!


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