Promote Synergies between Birds Protection and Power-Supply Safety - CBCGDF Works with China State Grid Tianjin to Perform Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhoods(BCON)
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On March 3rd, 2022, World Wildlife Day, State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin organized and held the launching ceremony of "migratory bird lifeline-- escorting migratory bird migration" " co construction of rescue stations "in Tuanbo Reservoir area, Jinghai District, Tianjin, launched 10 power supply units and 3 support units to cover important wetland areas in Tianjin and carry out a series of three-day volunteer service activities.



On the same day, volunteers from CBCGDF and State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin carried out joint patrol around Tuanbo wetland. CBCGDF volunteers said that Tuanbo wetland is expected to usher in a large number of migratory birds in mid-March. "Eight oriental white storks as well as many egrets, seagulls and other birds were spotted seeking for food and perching near the area of Xuefangzi, Jinghai district. On the way back, hundreds of black water chickens were observed on the east side of Tuanbo wetland."

At the same time, the volunteer team from State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin went deep into Beidagang wetland, Qilihai wetland and Dahuangbao wetland, launched bird patrol and rescue activities, popularized the knowledge of bird protection, the protection of high-voltage power facilities and relevant laws and regulations to the travelling citizens, and carried out safe power use inspection and special line patrol in the wetland nature reserve in order to fully escort migratory birds.


In addition, during the event, the volunteer team from State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin also continued to publicize the knowledge and relevant laws and regulations of bird protection and power grid development to the public in Tianjin Airport Central Square, Houtai Sports Square, Baodi "green power" first village, Jizhou North seedling market and other parks and communities.


In this event, State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin went deep into the four wetlands in Tianjin. A total of 96 young volunteers participated in the activity, and a total of more than 1,560 brochures were distributed, with an audience of more than 2,000 people.


The relationship between the survival and habitat of birds and the safe production and operation of the power grid is becoming closer and closer. Especially in recent years, with the increasing number of bird populations and the expanding range of activities, the contradiction between bird activities and the power grid has gradually become prominent. Bird related faults of transmission lines (including bird droppings, bird nests, bird body short circuiting and bird pecking) are increasing year by year, which brings more and more harm to the safe and stable operation of power grid and an increasingly serious threat to human production and life.

Carrying out a series of volunteer service activities of "co construction of rescue stations" under the Tianjin action of "migratory bird lifeline-- escorting migratory bird migration", and linking the cooperation of enterprises, governments, social organizations and other parties to continuously promote the harmonious coexistence of people and birds in the region, and taking into account the protection of birds and the development of power grid, are the best practices to achieve the goal of protecting biodiversity in the neighborhood.



In recent years, State Grid Corporation of China, Tianjin has successfully rescued, fed and released national rare animals on power poles and towers for many times; Meanwhile, they participated in the joint efforts of the government and society to "conserve and release birds”and put in hundreds of thousands of fish fry, providing a "reassuring canteen" for more than 5000 Oriental white storks in transit.

More than 80 lectures on nature education have been held, with an audience of more than 70000 people. Publicity materials such as Atlas of bird distribution in Tianjinhave been independently designed and produced, and more than 6,000 copies have been distributed. This has not only effectively spread the concept of protecting birds and biodiversity, but also contributed to promoting the "bird&line" double safety, ecological environment protection and green sustainable development of Tianjin, contributing to the beautiful ecological Tianjin, and highlighting the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the new era.


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