Malayan Pangolin Regained Freedom | Praise for the Successful Wild Release of Dehong Wildlife Rescue Center | The Recommendation of CBCGDF
2019/12/10 14:11:00 本站

In mid-November, Yunnan Dehong border Management Team seized a case of smuggling wild animals, including a wild living pangolin. In view of the previous failure of the center in rescuing two living Malayan pangolins in May, and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) suggested that wild release is the best protection method for pangolins. After checking and confirming that there is no abnormality and the conditions for wild release have been met, the pangolin rescued this time was released in the wild after being reported to the superior competent department for approval, which is great progress in pangolin protection.


Pangolin has been officially promoted as the wild animal under the first level protection in China and will come into effect at the end of this year. Due to a large number of illegal smuggling and trafficking of pangolin for food and traditional medicine (TCM) use, the species in its native habitat has been greatly reduced.


Pangolin has scales and short limbs. When it is in danger, it will curl up with its scales out, which can protect itself from harm. We can accept the survival rule of nature - "Natural selection, the survival of the fittest", but we cannot accept that pangolins lose their lives because human beings do not release them in the wild.


The best way to protect pangolin is to release it to nature and return it to its home. The "protection" under the artificial environment may backfire.


Thanks to the support of Dehong Wildlife Rescue Center, Longchuan County Forest Public Security Bureau and Dehong Border Management Team for the protection of pangolin and the construction of ecological civilization. It is hoped the pangolin released in the wild can be healthy and happy!

(Photo credit: Wang Leduan)

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By / Xue Tongtong