The Cause of Death of the Oriental Storks is “Overdose” | Fishponds Owners Need to be Cautious
2019/12/9 15:20:00 本站

Recently, Tianjin Police Captain Feng and Captain Zhou invited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers to communicate their detection of the case of the death of eight Oriental storks in Ninghe, Tianjin on December 5. After four days and four nights of investigation and repeated verification by the Tianjin police, some dead fish found in the fishponds have been verified to be poisonous and the medicines obtained are consistent with those obtained from the Oriental storks. CBCGDF China Conservation Area for waterfowl at Tangshan ’s volunteer, the anti-drug dog Andi was also invited to the site for verification.


According to the police, after the search and confirmation, the owner of the fishpond sprinkled some sterilizing medicine into the dried fishpond every year after the fish was dried. This year's overdose has caused the death of the Oriental storks.


At the same time, CBCGDF volunteers also pay tribute to the tireless efforts of the Tianjin police to solve the case.


The questions that cannot help but be raised also include whether these drugs are illegal drugs? If the fish and birds can be poisoned, what impact will it have on the environment? Related departments are recommended to study this. CBCGDF will continue to focus on this.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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