CBCGDF Green Children Base Encountered Electric Fishing Criminals When Conducting Nature Education Activities in the Wild
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At 9 a.m. on November 22, 2019, Xing Shijie, the head of Green Children Base of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) in North China Environmental frontline, led a volunteer team to pea farm, Ye River, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, to carry out field natural education activities for nearly 150 students in four classes of Shijiazhuang Park City primary school. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students gathered together and were divided into two teams to participate in field natural education activities. The volunteer team also distributed natural education materials to the children during the activities. While learning how to recognize birds, students also gained the important consciousness and actions of loving birds, protecting birds, rivers, and wetlands, and jointly participate in the protection of the natural ecological environment.


During the activity, the volunteer team led the students to the scene of Ye River to tell the students about the river and wetland and the knowledge of bird inhabits. When a group of black storks flew over the top of their heads at Ye River, the students yield excitedly that finally, they saw the black stork, the world's endangered species and the national first-class protected animal.


During the period, the Green Children Base volunteers unexpectedly witnessed someone was doing electric fishing at Ye river. They immediately warned the guy on site and stopped his electrofishing behavior, and also reported the incident to the relevant departments. Therefore, the senior director analyzed that electrofishing causing serious damage to aquatic ecosystems. Once the water resources are affected, the aquatic ecosystem will be damaged, which will lead to environmental deterioration and ecological imbalance. If birds leave due to losing their food, the wetland will also lose birds and other kinds of aquatic life. The wetland will become a silent and lifeless wasteland.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Li Xue