CBCGDF-BCON Working Group Recommended Adding "Ecological Red Line" to the "Regulations on the Management of River Sand Mining in Lincang City (Draft)" (Draft for Comments)
2023/8/1 15:18:00 本站

The Legal Affairs Working Committee of the Standing Committee of the Lincang Municipal People's Congress of Yunnan Province issued a public notice in early July 2023 on the public solicitation of opinions on the "Regulations on the Management of River Sand Mining in Lincang City (Draft)" (Draft for Comments), soliciting a wide range of opinions and suggestions on revisions from all sectors of the community. “Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood” Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF-BCON Working Group) responded positively to the call and, after careful study and discussion, put forward five suggestions for the draft.


Suggestion 3: At present, "ecological red line" does not appear anywhere in the whole text of the "Regulations on the Management of River Sand Mining in Lincang City (Draft)" (Draft for Comments), and it should be added.


Reason for Suggestion

There should be "ecological red line" in the “Draft”, which is a requirement for the construction of ecological civilization in China. The ecological red line is an important institutional innovation for environmental protection in China. River sand mining involves the function of natural ecological services, environmental quality and safety, and the utilization of natural resources, etc. If the ecological red line is not included, the sand mining activities may have a serious impact on the river ecosystem. By setting the ecological red line, the critical points and management limits of river sand mining activities are clearly defined, which can effectively protect the ecological safety of the river and maintain the ecological balance and sustainable development of the country and the region. At the same time, the setting of the ecological red line can also ensure that sand mining activities do not exceed the carrying capacity of the ecosystem, reduce problems such as deterioration of water quality, extinction of species and destruction of habitats, and provide safeguards for people's health and ecological safety. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate the ecological red line into the Lincang River Sand Mining Regulations to ensure that river sand mining activities are carried out within a reasonable range, avoid irreversible damage to the ecological environment, and promote the harmonization of ecological protection with sustainable economic and social development.


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